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Docu’s & Movies:


Project Happiness

Project Happiness

Project Happiness is a 2011 documentary film created, narrated, and produced by Randy Taran and directed by John Sorenson. The documentary follows students on three continents as they search for the meaning of "lasting happiness". Happiness I want more! From the...

Project Happiness

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness is a film that captures a joyful reality. With a unique story directly from the heart and soul of each person who has lived it. Told through the eyes of a New York investigative journalist, Finding Happiness takes us on a journey to see how people...

Happiness Is

Happiness Is

The Declaration of Independence famously grants us the right to pursue happiness. And Americans spend great amounts of time and energy chasing it. But for many people, we're not even sure what it is we're chasing. And so, inspired and intrigued by this "unalienable"...

Happiness Is

HAPPY, the movie

Yes, this is a movie about happiness Does money make you HAPPY? Kids and family? Your work? Do you live in a world that values and promotes happiness and well-being? Are we in the midst of a happiness revolution? Roko Belic, director of the Academy Award® nominated...


Tal Ben-Sharar

Positive psychology; Focussing on what works works. The answer is in the questions we ask.

Tal Ben-Sharar

Understanding your strength. What are your strengths? Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best?

Tal Ben-Sharar

Stress makes you stronger. Stress is not the problem. The problem is the lack of recovery

Tal Ben-Sharar

In this talk, Harvard University lecturer Tal Ben Shahar shares the #1 predictor of happiness in the workplace.  Relationships are the nr.1 predictor of happiness. Positivity and offentisity

On the record with Daniel Gilbert

Harvard psychologist and author of the bestselling book ‘Stumbling on Happiness’. The best way to make a decision on how much you like something in the future is to examin the people who have that thing in the present.

Arthur Brooks

How much control do you really have over your happiness, and how effectively are you pursuing it? American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks distills 40 years of social science research into a surprising set of answers.

Happiness explained in two minutes

Living your life as an enterprise unlocks personal happiness and improves the lives of those around you. AEI President Arthur Brooks explains the surprising steps to finding happiness today.

The Science of a Happy Mind,

Renowned neuroscientist Richard Davidson is finding that happiness is something we can cultivate and a skill that can be learned. Working with the Dalai Lama, Davidson is investigating the far-reaching impact of mindfulness, meditation, and the cultivation of kindness on human health and well-being.


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